Patriot Campers X1-H Hard-Top Camper Trailer

Feb 11, 2019

Category: Living

Although you can technically take an overlander on a backcountry adventure without any issues, sometimes you need an upgrade for more challenging weekend warrior destinations. Improving upon their five-time Camper Trailer of the Year X1 Grand Tourer, Patriot Campers has built the perfect off-road vehicle addition: the X1-H Hard-Top Camper Trailer.

The Australian camper company’s new trailer features a remote-controlled solar-powered ‘Hexocore lid’ that opens up with the push of a button, setting up the CS3 camping tent in less than a minute via quiet electronic actuators. The hard-top camper houses a gel-top pocket-spring mattress to help you get comfy, hex-pattern roof lining for sound insulation, 16-inch PCOR alloy wheels, and ample 2000L storage for longer trips. It’s also packed with creature comforts, such as a twin burner stove, hot water system, 155L water tank, and a changing room. You can add an optional tech pack or lifestyle pack to personalize the camper a little more. The X1-H is available now for $47,000.

Purchase: $47,000

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