This Retro Land Cruiser & Camper Trailer Were Made For Off-Roading

For any modern pioneer who’s spending healthy chunks of time in the backcountry, a rugged camper is a home away from home. The Australian company Patriot Campers builds the best towable retreats on the market, and they have something new up their sleeve. The Patriot Campers Desert Ops X1-N And LC79 Supertourer is an army-inspired combo pack for serious adventurers.

The versatile Desert Ops X1-N is 12 feet long, six feet wide, and weighs in at 1,825 pounds. This camper features the Australian company’s custom mounting platform, allowing you to carry just about anything, including kayaks, mountain bikes, duffel bags, and various tents. One side is packing your everyday living essentials, including a fridge, sink, and stove, as well as storage for kitchenware. There’s more storage space on the other side with hookups for shower and areas for larger camping gear. And it has a 270-degree awning, providing shade for the kitchen and back of the camper. The retro camper sports vintage decal, 35” tires, and an electric 12” drum brake. Hauling the X1-N is the LC79 Supertourer off-road utility truck with bespoke EFS suspension, double winches, TJM barwork, and a 300 mm chassis extension. The matching retro-styled ride has a spacious storage compartment and lockable slide-out drawer, so you can carry everything you need. The Desert Ops X1-N is limited to 20 examples and costs $40,990.

Purchase: $40,990