Patio House By OOAK Architects

Jan 18, 2019

Category: Living

The Grecian islands seem to be a popular choice for holiday homes, and we’d be lying if we said that we didn’t know why — beautiful year-round weather, picturesque viewpoints, and clear blue water that makes other European countries envious. So when Sweden’s OOAK Architects were tasked with creating the perfect getaway on Karpathos, one of Greece’s most iconic islands, they made sure to leave no stone unturned.

The Patio House is a beautiful cliffside home that’s cantilevered over a rocky outcrop near Afiarti beach, a popular windsurfing spot incorporated within the Aegean Sea. To ensure that the home blends seamlessly with the surrounding landscape, OOAK introduced an optimal design that relies on minimalist principles and non-invasive placement, all while enhancing the rock-borne hillside through the dwelling’s single-story construction. Reinforced concrete and a board-marked finish adorn the exterior of the home, which utilizes a gravel-embued roof and numerous plateaus to create a feeling of protrusion from the countryside. The home’s well-dressed interior pairs with warm appliances and furniture to provide a bright and airy living space, while large open-faced windows provide panoramic views of the underlying beach and brilliant blue water.

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