Patchnride Instant Flat Tire Fixer

Being able to change a flat tire seems to be one of those stereotypical guy tests; if you can pull it off, you get to keep your man card. If not, well, hey, your girlfriend deserves a serious high-five for getting down there and doing it.

But what about bicycle tires? Honestly, we don’t have the time to worry about unwritten gender rules anymore, we just know it needs to get fixed. Patchnride promises to solve the problem in less than a minute, as you push a spike into the tire hole, pull the slider to load the patch and then hit a button to release the adhesive. Just like that the tire is ready for air, and you’re ready to go see what Target is charging for man cards these days. Look for Patchnride to ship this fall at $30. Watch the video below. [Purchase]