Patagonia Yulex Wetsuit Collection

The irony of enjoying what Mother Nature has to offer by the means of non-renewable resources is not lost among surfers. It’s just that with such limited options, comfort surpasses awareness when purchasing necessary items such as a wetsuit or surfboard. However, Patagonia hopes their new wetsuit options catch the attention of environmentally-friendly surfers, thus persuading other brands to follow suit.

Their series, called the Yulex collection, is built from all natural Neoprene-free material. In fact, these suits are made from 85 percent Yulex natural rubber, surrounding a 100 percent recycled polyester lining. The rubber is derived from sources that are Forest Stewardship Council certified and replaces all petroleum-based materials with plant-based ones. In their efforts, Patagonia successfully reduced CO2 emissions up to 80 percent in production. Patagonia offers five tiers of wetsuits as well, allowing surfers to keep warm in water temperatures ranging from 32°-75°. The Yulex collection is also outfitted with triple-glued stitched seams, internally taped high-stress area, front zip design, and corrosion-proof zipper. Prices start at $300. [Purchase]

Patagonia Yulex Wetsuit Collection 2

Patagonia Yulex Wetsuit Collection 6

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