Patagonia Yulex-Nexkin Wetsuit

So you’ve got your Prius, your LED bulbs, and your recycling bin, but now you’re jonesin’ for another place to go green. You ready for this? Your wetsuit.

Patagonia has created an environmentally sustainable wetsuit, the Yulex-Nexkin, made mostly out of plant-based (the guayule plant, to be exact) biorubber. This makes it a much more eco-friendly choice than traditional wetsuits which are usually made from petroleum-based neoprene. In addition, its front zip design also allows for excellent temperature control, with the R2 model (a 2.5-millimeter thickness throughout) keeping you warm in water temperatures of 55-60 degrees and the R3 model (3.5-mil chest and 2.5-mil arms and legs) sustaining temperatures as low as 48 degrees. Although there is increased thickness between the two models, thanks to the biorubber, the mobility isn’t impaired. [Purchase]

Patagonia Yulex-Nexkin Wetsuit 2