Patagonia x Danner Wading Boots

Knowing how important and prevalent in the outdoor world they are, it might seem hard to believe that Patagonia has never done a gear collaboration before. But, the fact remains: they haven’t. That is, until now with their Patagonia x Danner Wading Boots.

It makes sense that these two industry giants would work together and, having seen the results of their toils, we’re not sure why it took so long. Available in two styles – the Foot Tractor and River Salt – these might just be the ultimate footwear for fishing of all types. Both made in Portland, Oregon and said to last for a lifetime of usage, the former is made from a combination of premium leather and 1000D nylon and comes with three different tread options (including an aggressive aluminum bar sole option), whereas the latter features a more lightweight structure – geared towards wanderers that cover much more land in their travels.

The biggest value proposition of these boots, however, is the fact that they can be re-soled. That means, if you purchase a pair of these admittedly pricey boots ($499-$549), they can be repaired for as long as the ultra-tough upper holds together – making them an excellent investment. These superb boots will hit the market in February of 2019.

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