Patagonia Recycled ReCollection

Patagonia has long had a reputation for making incredibly durable and well built outdoor clothing for hikers and climbers as well as being stewards of the environment. This new release – dubbed the Patagonia Re///Collection – totally embodies both of those qualities.

The design team headed up by Miles Johnson, the brand’s creative director, built all of these pieces using three different recycled fabrics; a wool, ripstop polyester, and and fleece combined with recycled down. While most recycled clothing or materials look sub-par or somehow compromised, this collection manages to do a kind of stylistic jiu-jitsu. Each piece, whether it be the Down Pants, or Reversible Down Vest and Shirt, pulls from a heritage style that only makes the fabrics look that much more at home. Not only will these pieces make you feel like the sharpest looking dirtbag hiker out there, but you can feel good about it, too. Prices for items in the collection start at $150. [Purchase]

Patagonia Recycled Recollection 4

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Patagonia Recycled Recollection 1

Patagonia Recycled Recollection 2