Patagonia’s ‘ReCrafted’ Program Revives & Renovates Damaged Clothing

When it comes to sustainable manufacturing, Patagonia is one of the industry’s most prolific names. Not only has the adventurous outdoor brand placed an emphasis on the reduction of wasteful production practices within their own facilities, but it’s also done its part to promote progressive thinking by helming fundraisers, programs, and meetups for like-minded outfits. Now, the company has announced the ReCrafted initiative, a complimentary program that will accent it’s already-successful Worn Wear wing.

Where Patagonia’s Worn Wear segment is devoted to the resale of used items that have been donated back to the company, ReCrafted focuses to revitalize damaged garments that would have been deemed unfit for service. In effect, each of the collection’s reconstructed examples comes courtesy of three, to six recycled pieces, utilizing undamaged fabric, down, and textiles from each. The result: A selection of patchwork variants that are both stylish and functional. Inside the ReCrafted collection, you’ll find t-shirts, bags, toolkits, winter jackets, and vests — all of which have been repurposed from irreparable garments to cut back on waste and unneeded production costs. Head to Patagonia’s Worn Wear website to check out the collection, and while you’re there, pick up something of your own for $27+.

Purchase: $27+