Patagonia PSI Self-Inflating Vest

Big-wave surfing attaches a handful of acronyms to describe conditions and gear that are commonly experienced and used across this hardcore thrill-seeking faction of the community. Now, the PBU’s (pray before use) and TOH’s (triple overhead) of the sport can now add a new abbreviation to the family. Introducing the Patagonia PSI Vest.

Standing for “Personal Surf Inflation,” the PSI vest features patented technology that rapidly inflates underneath a wetsuit in the most critical situations out in the water. It’s the result of Patagonia’s partnership with FCD Surfboards and uses two CO2 cartridges to fill the suit with gas that will help the rag-dolling surfer make their way to the surface in the event of a serious wipeout. To top it all off, they decided to make the proprietary technology available to the industry in exchange for a licensing fee – $150,000 of which is slated to go towards the Fundación Punta De Lobos, a program aimed at preserving the world class Chilean point break for which it’s named after. Gotta love it when a brand cares about more than just the bottom line.

Purchase: $1,250