Parrot Disco Drone

Not all drones have to be quadcopters. In fact, the new Parrot Disco Drone only uses one propeller, and it takes a shape more similar to airplanes than anything else that the company might put on the market.

Like Parrot’s other drones, the Disco contains a Full HD camera on its nose. It comes with Wi-Fi, GPS, and three-axis stabilization that makes it easy to control. But what’s really notable is its flight time — it can stay in the air for 45 minutes, which is almost double what today’s most popular drones can handle. You’re also able to set a predetermined course via GPS checkpoints, and the drone will return home on its own. It’s incredibly easy to fly. For now, the drone is in the final stages of its conceptualization stage, but Parrot intends to make it available later this year. [Purchase]

Parrot Disco Drone 2

Parrot Disco Drone 3