Parrot ANAFI Thermal Drone

With its ultra-compact folding format, a solid amount of flight time, and stellar onboard camera, Parrot’s ANAFI drone was already amongst the top-tier options on the market. But now, the French manufacturer has stepped it up even further with the addition of a thermal camera intended to boost the ANAFI’s usefulness across industrial applications.

Parrot is touting the ANAFI Thermal Drone as the best in its category. And they’ve got a compelling argument with its 26-minute flight time (alongside hot-swappable batteries that offer up to 78 minutes of flight), autonomous capabilities, simple app-connectivity and -control, and a standard 21MP 4K HDR camera (with 3x zoom). Of course, the star of the show, in this case, is the new thermal imaging camera — which can be swapped via the push of a button on the included app and can detect temperatures from as low as -10 to as high as 400-degrees Fahrenheit. With applications that range from detecting hot and cold spots, thermal leaks, and even personnel and/or animal tracking, this impressive and versatile drone can be yours for $1,900.

Purchase: $1,900