Parkit’s Voyager Is A Hybrid Cooler-Chair-Backpack For The Minimalist Camper

If you’re an avid camper, you’ve probably run into a few different complications, including the inability to pack your large, voluminous cooler, and your fully-outfitted folding chair into the same small vehicle. Thanks to Parkit’s newly-announced Voyager Camp Chair, you won’t have to stress over minor things like trunk capacity and cold beverage storage any longer, leaving you more time to focus on the things that count.

The Voyager Camp Chair arrives as a unique unison of the aforementioned genres. Boasting a detachable cooler that can keep your drinks cold for up to eight hours, this outdoor-oriented seating solution provides buyers with a sleek and comfortable camp chair crafted from high-quality materials, including eco-conscious bamboo armrests, an aerospace-grade aluminum frame, and durable, woven polyester panels, helping to deter desaturation when exposed to stubborn sunlight. There are also a handful of EDC-focused inclusions, including four zippered pockets, cupholders, and a set of unique carrying staps that will allow for transport as a backpack or cross-body. The Voyager comes in four distinct colorways and is available now via the company’s Kickstarter for $149 and up.

Kickstarter: $149+