Park MK-246: Bike Mechanic In A Box

Even if you’re not planning to open up a bike shop, there’s always a desire for more tools. The Bike Mechanic in a Box has everything you need when it comes to fixing an old bike or building a new one.

The set has 246 pieces, which includes a plethora of tools, lubricants, gauges, fixtures and accessories you might (or might not) need to get the job done. The kit is designed for a professional, full service bicycle mechanic, sure, but what’s to stop someone from having this sort of tool spread in their garage? It’s undeniable that this set puts your Black & Decker 12-piece starter tool set to shame. So, if you’re looking for a significant, over-the-top and probably somewhat frivolous tool set, the Park MK-246 is available now for $6,296. [Purchase]