Paracable Lightning Cable

Aug 12, 2016

Category: Tech

When it comes to charging electric devices, there seem to be two main complaints A) slow charging times, and B) cables fray and break too easily after repeated use. Paracable is a charging cord specifically built to take on those challenges.

Anyone who is even vaguely familiar with paracord knows how strong is can be. You can help secure gear with it, set up climbing equipment, or hang bear bags. This charging cable uses this tough fabric to encase a flexible polymer jacket, a copper mesh wrap, EMF shielding, and a 28 and 21 AWG data and power cord making it difficult for it to fray or fall apart. Yet, this is more than just strong. When it comes to the performance of the cord, it’s leaps and bounds faster than most others you’ll find on the market. The best part about it, though? If you don’t love it, you can send it back in 30 days no questions asked. It’s available in a handful of different colors with a retail price of $24. [Purchase]

Paracable 1

Paracable 2

Paracable 3

Paracable 4

Paracable 5

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