Paper Shooters Spitball Blasterz

Back when we were in grade school firing off spitballs at one another while the teacher wasn’t looking we were only equipped a straw and a piece of paper. These obviously were dull times considering the arsenal of spitball gear you can purchase today. Case in point, the Spitball Blasterz gun from Paper Shooters.

You may remember the brand name from their Zombie Slayer gun that was released last year. Well, now they’re back with an all-new iteration of their out-of-the-box-ready shooters. Complete with the ability to fire off up to 16 rounds of paper ammo up to 65 feet away, there’s never been a better time to be the neighborhood menace. Two versions of the blasters are available. Both, however, feature the same realistic cocking system, real triggers and eject the empty shells containing home-made spitballs with every shot into a brass catcher so there’s no need to collect them after each attack. They’re available now through Kickstarter with reservations starting at $30.

Purchase: 30+