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Pantheone’s ‘I’ Speaker Is In-Home Audio Artwork For Hi-Fi Fanatics

If exquisite linework and unparalleled design is your cup of tea, Pantheon should be on your radar. Not only does the name demand respect within the world of high-end audio, but it’s also well on its way to a lauded presence in terms of aesthetics. The brand’s latest project, the “I” speaker, is a testament to that fact — and when we say that it’s innovative, we’re far from kidding.

The newly-introduced “I” is a love letter to interior-focused product design. Taking on the odd but eye-catching shape of an egg, the brand’s next-gen speaker boasts the perfect mixture of quality, audio engineering, and presence, delivering the utmost sound quality without compromising your home’s contemporary aesthetic. State of the art acoustic qualities, courtesy of built-in subwoofers, a long-throw voice coil, and curved-port bass reflex chamber, are housed inside of the products fully-molded resin enclosure — a tirelessly-produced silhouette that boasts no junction lines, and helps to regulate internal acoustics. Of course, all of this wouldn’t matter much without the ability to project sound, which is something that the “I” does very well. It features a full 360-degree sound suite, a high-fidelity mid-range driver, and a series of small but capable tweeters — supplying pronounced tones throughout the room. Head to Pantheone’s website to learn more about the $2,190 model.

Purchase: $2,190