Panono: Panoramic Ball Camera

Panono Camera
The Panono camera is one of things that requires a few minutes to fully comprehend: What? 360-degree pictures? Why do I need that? Then you see one. And you rotate the photo; tilt it; zoom in; zoom out; and see things you had no idea where in your vicinity when you took the pic. Whoa.

Like an American woman, the technology behind it is simple yet complex. The sphere has 36 tiny cameras inside it, and when you throw it up, and the the ball is at its highest point in the air and barely moving, they all click at once. The result: a 72-megapixel panoramic picture that lets you see in any and all directions. Yes, that’s right; you can now photobomb someone while standing in front of them. Panono is also ruggedly built, so when you see some jerk try to ruin your shot, feel free to heave it his way. Watch the video below and support the project on IndieGoGo.