Panerai Pays Tribute To Their Eilean Yacht With A Special Radiomir Watch

Many luxury watch brands have celebrity ambassadors. Omega has George Clooney, Breitling has Brad Pitt, Tudor has David Beckham, etc. But Panerai has the biggest ambassador of all, literally. The Eilean yacht, a classic sailing vessel from 1936, travels the world promoting the brand at various luxe locales. And now Panerai is honoring their striking ship with a special edition Radiomir watch.

The Panerai Radiomir Eilean is a vintage-themed piece designed to resemble the very first Radiomir, which, like the ship, can also trace its genesis back to 1936. The new watch’s 45mm engraved patina steel case has undergone a special treatment to make it look aged right out of the box, which is fitting for a product that’s meant to invoke 1930s nostalgia. Both the caseback and Tuscan leather strap feature a duplicate of the “EILEAN 1936” symbol found on the ship’s boon, and the strap also features stitching that was inspired by the yacht’s sails. The brown striated dial is designed to mimic the teak wood deck of the Eilean, while the lume treatment mimics the appearance of the original Radiomir’s trademark radium. Panerai will produce just 449 examples of the Radiomir Eilean per year, and the watch retails for $8,100.

Purchase: $8,100