Armor Any Riding Outfit With Pando Moto’s Dyneema Base Layers

Without the benefit of seatbelts, airbags, and protective cages with crumple zones, motorcycle gear has to protect its wearer from the slides and impacts inherent to crashes. Traditionally, this has meant donning riding jackets and pants with built-in armor that are made from materials that afford solid abrasion-resistance, though Pando Moto’s latest release, an armored base layer set, has opened the door to an endless range of riding garments.

Known as the UH 01 Shell Armored Motorcycle Shirt and UH 01 Skin Armored Motorcycle Leggings, both items feature low-profile SAS-TEC TripleFlex CE Level 1 armor (in the knees, elbows, and shoulders, with pockets for optional hip armor and spine protector) and are constructed from a stretchy yet ultra-rugged and highly-abrasion-resistant blend of lycra and Dyneema. These pieces can then be worn under any regular garment, transforming your average hoodie or set of jeans into protective riding gear (though don’t expect those clothes to survive a slide like the undergarments will), or can be worn under regular riding gear for added protection. Both base layers also have mesh panels for increased breathability. Pricing for Pando Moto’s UH 01 Skin Armored Motorcycle Leggings is set at $206 while the UH 01 Shell Armored Motorcycle Shirt is going for $260.

Purchase: $206+