PancakeBot Pancake Printer

Printers are gonna have to wow us for a long time to make up for the years of office frustration they’ve inflicted, but being able to make pancakes with one is a damn good start. PancakeBot is not (despite how it may sound) a terrifying new enemy for Spider-Man; in fact, it’s the world’s first pancake printer.

Using the included user-friendly software, you draw whatever you like – spaceship, Mona Lisa, Nicholas Cage – and that image then gets traced on your computer. Whichever lines you draw first get laid down in batter on the griddle first, giving you at least a couple of different shades to work with. Using a combination of compressed air and a vacuum the batter dispensing system is used to “print” the batter onto the included griddle. Each image can be stored on an SD card for future breakfasts. Yum. [Purchase]