PancakeBot 3D Food Printer

Who doesn’t like a customized breakfast? Now you can make that special someone feel extra special by 3D printing them, or yourself, personalized pancakes. It’s all possible with the PancakeBot 3D Food Printer, the proprietary batter dispensing system that draws and cooks these designs for you.

The invention comes from Miguel Valenzuela, a family man who works as a civil engineer in Norway who spends his time designing and building robots. The original concept garnered significant attention at the 2013 World Maker Fair in New York, so much so in fact that subsequent designs were necessary. Today, each PancakeBot includes software to trace any image from your computer, a non-stick electric griddle that cooks each pancake with a removable probe, a BPA-free batter dispenser and even a recipe book and quick guide for those new to the art of pancake design. Each design is loaded from your computer onto their provided SD card. Users can make up their own pieces or choose from the already established art pieces from their online community. They’re available now for $300. [Purchase]