Panasonic Vitrine Transparent OLED Display

One of the biggest drawbacks of the modern day television is its propensity to take up vast amounts of space within your living area — when switched off, it’s nothing more than an unattractive mass of plastic and metal. For those who are interested in an aesthetically pleasing alternative, Panasonic has joined forces with the notable Swiss furniture brand, Vitra, and designer Daniel Rybakken, to bring a transparent OLED surface to the world.

The “Vitrine” is a wondrous device that combines a transparent OLED display, angular glass, and wooden frame to create an elaborate piece of furniture for your home — shifting and adapting to its surroundings through the use of variable dynamic elements. In effect, the Vitrine can fulfill two different roles within a living space, acting as both a technological element that can illuminate, create ambiance, and work in tandem with your home’s design elements, as well as a passive device that can frame and embody your favorite tangible objects. While the device has not been slated for widespread commercial deployment, the technical possibilities introduced through the Vitrine are certainly exciting.

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