Panasonic Revamps Its GH5 Camera With Improved AI & Added Live Stream Support

Upon its launch in 2009, Panasonic’s GH series quickly emerged as the go-to camera for creatives¬†needing a balance of crisp still photography and robust video capability. As the system has evolved over the years, so too has its fanbase — to the point that it’s pretty much ubiquitous throughout content creation these days.

With the launch of the Lumix GH5M2, Panasonic has taken its incredibly powerful prosumer GH5 camera and made it even more video-focused. Like its predecessor, the GH5M2’s imaging comes courtesy of a 20.3MP Micro Four Thirds sensor. However, this time, it’s been treated with an anti-reflective coating for flare control. Better still is the fact that Panasonic has fitted the camera with a Venus Engine processor, allowing it to capture Cinema 4K recordings at up to 60p (it’d previously been limited to 24p). Moreover, the new chip makes for a marked upgrade when it comes to autofocus and image stabilization, with the GH5M2 offering improved face, eye, and body detection as well as 6.5 stops of shake compensation. But the best part has to be the added support for live streaming, a feature that’s become critical to today’s digital landscape. It’s available now starting at $1,700 for the body.

Purchase: $1,700+