Panasonic Just Unveiled The World’s First HDR-Capable UHD VR Glasses

As is the case with most new technologies, the problem with a lot of VR headsets is that they’re pretty bulky and uncomfortable to wear for long stretches of time. While many tech companies have been working on that very issue, Panasonic might have just cracked the code with its latest project, the world’s first HDR-capable UHD VR eyeglasses.

Presumably still in their prototyping phase, these glasses don’t actually have an official name as of yet. But the tech is definitely well into the development stage and, honestly, it’s looking very promising. As mentioned, they’re capable of displaying HDR, distortion-free images — thanks in part to a new optical module developed in conjunction with Kopin and 3M. But they also have built-in hi-fi earbuds courtesy of Technics. And they’re even intended to be compatible with 5G data networks. Best of all, the whole package comes in a compact format that’s less like wearing headgear and more like actual eyeglasses. While there’s definitely more work to be done, Panasonic will be displaying their VR eyeglasses at this year’s CES show.

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