PAN Treetop Cabin In Norway

Dec 4, 2018

Category: Living

Norway is full of natural wonder, from raging fjords and beautiful mountaintops, all the way to the illustrious northern lights. It’s also a perfect environment for some of the most intriguing homes on the planet — like the PAN Treetop Cabin, a rental property which towers above its surroundings in a completely unique way.

The Treetop Cabin is an ambitious architectural wonder created by Espen Surnevik and Finn-Erik Nilsen. It features a truly abstract design and was created with a non-invasive layout that allows for the home to blend seamlessly with its naturally forested surroundings. The cabin is elevated by four separate stilts, reinforced by steel braided cable, and placed at a precise location within the canopy to ensure exposure to the sun, which showers the living area with natural light. The interior of the home features rotational views of the surrounding wildlife, as well as providing natural heating and cooling via large glass facades. Energy expenditure is limited due to the cabin’s sustainable components. A winding staircase housed in a glass cylinder reaches upward toward the home and connects to the main living area through a small exterior walkway.

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