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Protect Your Privacy With The Paladyne E1000MP Drone-Jamming Pistol

When drones were first catapulted into the limelight by traveling photographers, videographers, and creators, they enamored the masses with their diverse points of view, making cinematic shots more accessible than ever before. However, over the years, they’ve continuously posed a threat to safety, security, and privacy, leading some worried citizens to take matters into their own hands. That’s why Drone Defence created the Paladyne E1000MP — a drone-jamming pistol that’ll keep you and your family safe from peeping aerial platforms.

If you’re interested in disrupting the command, video, and navigation signals of almost any commercial drone that you see, Drone Defence has the device for you. Not only does the Paladyne E1000MP come in a small, sleek, and compact package for easy everyday carry, but it’s also capable of being mounted atop a rifle, making it an attractive proposition for gun owners who want to keep their property protected from troublesome content creators. The best part about the E1000MP is the fact that it’s non-destructive. Instead of disrupting all of the drone’s flight systems, it’s been fashioned to cut the platform’s control, GPS, and video signals from over 1-kilometer away, allowing it to drift, land, or return to its take-off point. Head to Drone Defence’s website to inquire about one of your own.

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