Pac-Man Quarter Size Arcade Cabinets

For fans of old school video games, owning an arcade cabinet is pretty much the holy grail. Problem is, most of them take up a lot of space and aren’t reasonable purchases for the average gamer. Now, however, you can get your retro gaming fix without monopolizing too much space thanks to Numskull’s Quarter Arcades.

Named for the fact that these gaming machines measure up at 1/4 the scale of the cabinets you might see down at the penny arcade, these minis are still plenty capable – each containing a fully-functional port of a classic game – and have every last detail replicated perfectly. As it presently stands, the brand is only offering the Pac-Man Quarter Arcade, but in 2019, they’re slated to release ones for Galaga, Galaxian, and Ms. Pac-Man, as well. Standing just 16.92 inches tall, it can be yours for $192.

Purchase: $192