Overview: A New Perspective Of Earth

Oct 12, 2016

Category: Entertainment

In the novel Dead Poets Society, Professor Keating once stated that perception is everything and that to change your perception of the world is to see everyday objects in a new light. Overview is once such exercise in this art of perception, taking its name from what’s known as “the overview effect,” where we’re awed by the beauty of earth’s natural and man-made features from above.

Flipping through the pages of this book is comparable to sitting in the window seat of a commercial jet 35,000 feet in the air. It’s based on artist Benjamin Grant’s popular Instagram feed where he would scour Google Earth for stunning images to post for our enjoyment. It all started in January 2014 and has skyrocketed ever since. He would search for modern marvels of human industry such as freeway interchanges alongside natural wonders like the Perito Moreno glacier in Argentina. Some of the images are abstract while others boast incredible symmetry one could only appreciate from above. Best of all, it removes the reader from all the nonsense happening around us here on the ground floor, offering a reprieve, however brief, from our day to day lives. [Purchase]

Jacksonville, FL Highway Interchange Jacksonville, FL Highway Interchange
Palmanova, ItalyPalmanova, Italy
Venice, ItalyVenice, Italy
Burning ManBurning Man
Shadegan Lagoon by Musa Bay in IranShadegan Lagoon by Musa Bay in Iran
Cape CodCape Cod

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