Outside Van Power Station Sprinter

As more digital nomads jump on the Bohemian bandwagon known as #vanlife, companies like the Portland-based Outside Van have enjoyed surging success in the once-rarefied sphere of customized large vehicles. Converting Mercedes Sprinter Vans into comfortable and beautiful moving homes is this company’s wheelhouse. Of all the bespoke vans they have created for committed van-lifers, none is more exciting than the one they call “Power Station.”

Chris Farley didn’t make the prospect of living in a van sound luxurious on Saturday Night Live, but then he never saw a van like Outside Van’s “Power Station.” This customized Sprinter is electrifying. Beginning with the bare bones of the $60,000 stock van, the folks at Outside Van outfitted it with $24,000 worth of energy-generating equipment including battery packs, solar panels affixed to the roof, an e-bike charging station, 3 long-life extreme capacity high-output AGM batteries, and a diesel-based heating system, which also ensures Power Station’s $20,000 laser-cut stainless steel shower always has hot water. Numerous other modifications have “Power Station” well-equipped to take on the world. If I was a nomad, I certainly would not be mad about living in this van.

Purchase: $240,000+