OUTLIER Gives Its Stellar Rolltop Backpack a Cutting-Edge Update

OUTLIER is an elite clothing brand that makes stylish and functional apparel with technical fabrics that are effective and sophisticated enough to give NASA a run for its money. While the Big Apple brand offers a variety of high-performance garments, it also makes several pieces of gear. One particular standout is its Ultrahigh Rolltop backpack, which sports a variety of features. While the Ultrahigh was a great success, OUTLIER did what it does best and found a way to elevate its backpack to greater heights.

Enter the Nexhigh Rolltop, the sturdier, more durable, and somehow, more technical successor to the Ultrahigh. OUTLIER endeavored to improve the overall construction of its Rolltop backpack to make it easier to work with, more user-friendly, and stronger. To solve these problems, OUTLIER created an all-new fabric to replace the Ultrahigh Dyneema Composite used in the Ultrahigh Rolltop. This new proprietary material, called Nexhigh, is a composite fabric built around a Mylar film that’s bonded to a nylon face fabric and a white interior fabric. Nexhigh offers superior stability, flexibility, and durability compared to Ultrahigh, and its white interior makes it easier to search for things inside of the bag.

While the construction material for the new Rolltop is different, it still boasts otherworldly versatility and utility. The Nexhigh Rolltop sports two side-entry zippers for easy access to the bag’s main compartment while the Fidlock magno-mechanical closures provide next-level security. Moreover, the bag also boasts an impressive 20L of storage when the Fidlock closures are closed three times and 28L when they’re fully open, as well as an inner laptop sleeve to protect your computer.

Add to the host of killer features the two 4-way stretch side pockets, Dyneema key loop, and Dynylon webbing for accessories, and you have the ultimate commuter bag. OUTLIER’s Nexhigh Rolltop is available for purchase on its website and retails for $495.

Purchase: $495