Outlier’s Experimental Popover Shirt Is Stretchy & Weatherproof

The clothing we choose to don on any given day always seems like it has to be a compromise between stylishness and comfort. But lately, the line between the two has become increasingly blurred, much to our joy. The folks at Outlier have been at the forefront of that movement and have just made another big step in the right direction with their Experiment 178 V/CO Popover Shirt.

Take one glance at this popover (the anorak equivalent for shirts) and you can see it’s as stylish as they come — boasting a clean silhouette with superb, minimalist detailing that wouldn’t look out of place in any office. But it’s got some hidden tricks. Namely, it’s crafted from an exploratory V/co Four-Way Twill fabric — a blend of cotton and elastane — that’s stretchy and breathable, making it an excellent piece for warmer weather. But it also has a DWR coating applied, so it’s weatherproof for when the skies take a darker turn. It’s a bit pricey, at $225 apiece, but this is the kind of shirt you’ll want to wear every day — so it practically pays for itself.

Purchase: $24