Outlaw Manly Scented Soaps

Dec 4, 2019

Category: Grooming

It’s so easy to become disconnected with the outside world (we’re talking the real outside world – as in outdoors) with our busy, technology infused lifestyles. The team at Outlaw Soaps knows this, and have thus created a line of soap bars that help us connect with inspiring environments (particularly the great outdoors).

Inspired by nature, these manly soaps are available in several invigorating scents including campfire, gunpowder, sage, and what would a manly collection of soaps be without bacon? Of course there are also some off the wall scents like “Unicorn Poop,” which we’re hoping smells better than it sounds. Outlaw also prides themselves on only testing their soaps on humans, rather than animals like many other companies out there. [Via]

Outlaw Manly Scented Soaps 5

Outlaw Manly Scented Soaps 4

Outlaw Manly Scented Soaps 3

Outlaw Manly Scented Soaps 2

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