Outlaw Fasteners

Anyone who once claimed that all-in-one fasteners would never come to fruition is about to be humbled. Thanks to Outlaw, building anything from a deck to a shed to whatever requires significant fastening of any kind is about to become a whole lot easier with their newly designed screws. Now, bit changes, dropped screws, and stripped screws are a thing of the past.

Each screw has up to 18 driving points thanks to Outlaw’s patented drive system, creating the highest torque to driver ratio in the world. Also, their drive system eliminates the need for multiple sizes of drive bits, and holds them firmly in place without the need for magnets, allowing the user to drive a screw using only one hand. Subsequently, the maddening phenomenon of screw wobble and the need to drill a pilot hole falls by the wayside. Interested? So are we. They’re available in a wide array of sizes and their durable nature makes them ready to tackle any job on your to-do list. Prices start at $30. [Purchase]