ChowPal Camp Cutlery Multi-Tool

When it comes to camping, especially if you’re out for the long haul, making the most of what you carry is an absolute necessity – even in regards to eating. As such, most utensils can be a cumbersome and unnecessary burden. Luckily, you can get all their convenience and virtually none of the drawbacks, so long as you stash Outdoor Edge’s ChowPal into your hiking pack.

Small enough to fit in your pocket when folded, this camping multi-tool has a fork, spoon, and knife all built into its stainless steel form, making it tough, durable, and not too heavy to haul. But it also has a few other hidden tools – including a stepped hex wrench, bottle and can openers, and a flathead screwdriver. That’s a lot of bang for your buck, especially considering you can get the whole kit and caboodle foronly $20.

Purchase: $20