OtterBox Venture Cooler

It seems like the design of camping coolers has recently hit a bit of a lull. After all, you can only make them so rugged, so water resistant, and so ice retentive without big jumps in technology. So how does one innovate in any real and effective way? The folks at OtterBox seem to think it’s by adding in some modularity and accessory options. And we think they might be right.

The brand famous for making rugged electronics cases and dryboxes has just expanded their catalog into the realm of coolers with their Venture Coolers – available in either 25, 45, or 65 quart versions. Truth be told, these American-made camping containers are plenty impressive on their own, offering up to 2 weeks of ice retention, a bear-resistant structure, a snap-on bottle opener, and true-to-size storage space. But they really take it to the next level with their complement of optional modular accessories – such as an attachable cutting board, side table, cup holders, dry storage, and separator for compartmental storage. You can even attach the brand’s famous dryboxes to the outside for expandable carry options. These coolers run from $250-$400 and should be available some time in June of this year.

Purchase: $250+