OtterBox All-Terrain Cooler Wheels

A hefty, well insulated cooler is no use to anyone if you can’t manage to actually get it to the beach, campsite, or out onto the back patio without throwing out your back. OtterBox understands as much which is why they developed the All-Terrain Wheels Cooler Accessory.

Designed to fit onto the OtterBox Venture 45 and 65 coolers, this attachment is ideal for the more adventurous barbequers and campers among us. Boasting a reinforced axle attached to 3-inch wide and 10-inch high wheels, the accessory is purpose-built to roll a fully loaded cooler over everything from mud to dirt and sand. The tough, built-for-adventure construction doesn’t end there. OtterBox made sure to include a handle made out of a rugged zinc-plated carbon steel to ensure the rig had no weak points. And when you’re all done? The wheels on the gadget come off for easy storage. All things said, an ideal pick for summer camping.

Purchase: $250