Otter Wax Fabric Wax

DIY waxed canvas and water repellant clothing. It’s what they’re up to in soggy Portland these days. The product is called Otter Wax, and it can transform your ordinary backpack, shoes, or outerwear into stubborn water resisting articles of clothing. Don’t get caught out in the wet stuff without proper attire again.

Made from all-natural waxes and oils this fabric wax offers maximum water repellency for clothing. It’s non-toxic, doesn’t contain silicone or petroleum and handmade in the USA. Try it on canvas shoes, jackets, rucksacks or hats. Otter Wax is environmentally friendly and won’t fill your nose with obnoxious odors from dangerous chemicals. Simply apply directly to the fabric of choice and keep it around for minor touchups on the go. Available now for $14. [Purchase]