Ostrich Pillow Mini

The name Studio Banana Things may not ring a bell right away, but most of you are certainly familiar with the Ostrich Pillow – the nap pillow that went viral all over the web just a few years ago. Now the design team is back with something a little more practical in the Ostrich Pillow Mini.

After following up with the Ostrich Pillow Light, SBT still felt they had some work to do. The firm finally feels confident in creating the perfect power napping companion with the Mini. The concept is simple. All of us are busy, maybe too busy for our own good, and getting the recommended 8 hours of sleep per night is damn near impossible for the bulk of us. So grab some sleep where you can with this ingenious little device. Branded as “quality napping within arm’s reach” the Ostrich Pillow Mini is simple to use – slip you’re hand in, and you’re ready for intense, ultra comfortable power napping sessions on the go. To no one’s surprise, the project crushed its Kickstarter goals, and we imagine demand will continue to increase in the coming weeks. [Purchase]

Ostrich Pillow Mini 2

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