Osseo 72m Sailing Yacht Concept

Although most modern luxury yachts function on the power of massive engines, humans have a far longer history of using wind power to navigate the seven seas. And there’s definitely still something very romantic about sailing, especially when paired with extreme luxury and supreme relaxation. Maybe that’s why we’re so intrigued by Igor Jankovic’s Osseo 72m Sailing Yacht concept.

In spite of the seemingly-anachronistic addition of DynaRig sails, Jankovic envisions this ship as an up-to-date technological marvel — built around a carbon fiber and graphene hull. In fact, he’s also designed it to suit both diesel and electric motors to supplement its sails. On top of swift over-water capabilities, it can also accommodate up to twelve guests, has an in-deck hot tub at the stern, and features a minimalistic open floorplan complemented by a semi-transparent roof and tinted glass throughout. Bond villains be damned, this is a sinister ship we want for ourselves.

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