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Osma’s First Countertop Brewer Extracts Fresh Cold Brew In 90 Seconds

Cold brew coffee is one of the more satisfying ways to enjoy a cup of joe, thanks to its smoothness and the way it captures certain coffee compounds that hot brewing destroys. But it has some major drawbacks, namely its typical 24-hour minimum brew time that is both inconvenient and destroys some of the coffee’s time-sensitive compounds that you only get from traditional hot brewing. But now Osma has arrived to solve cold brew’s shortcomings with their first countertop brewer that can extract a fresh cup of cold brew in about 90 seconds.

The Osma Pro aims to preserve as many of coffee’s compounds as possible by combining a fast brew time with cold temperatures. Co-developed with Chromatic Coffee, Osma’s new machine works by way of a complex system of recirculation and harmonics in which an intake straw continuously cycles cold water from your cup through the coffee in the portafilter at a specific frequency to facilitate microcavitation in the grounds. If all of that sounds hopelessly confusing, all you really need to know is that the brewer can make anything from a 3 oz. cold espresso shot to a 12 oz. traditional cold brew in under two minutes. CNC’d from stainless steel in Oregon, just 1,000 Osma Pro countertop brewers are being produced and are available to pre-order now.

Purchase: $695

Photo: Osma