Osma’s Sustainable Coffee Maker Crafts Cold Brew In Under 2 Minutes Per Cup

The rise of capsule-based coffee machines has made the morning regimen a bit more intuitive, but as it turns out, this leads to a significant amount of plastic waste. To remedy this, Osma has devised a patent-pending system that utilizes biodegradable pods to craft the perfect, sustainable cold-brew in under two minutes.

Introduced as the Osma Portable Coffee Brewing System, this sleek device seeks to put an end to the wastefulness of traditional machines. Instead of focusing on the established serving-per-pod system utilized by other manufacturers, it utilizes a combination of pressure, immersion, and circulation to create over 20 cups per charge, preserving each coffee’s unique flavor in the process. If you’re not interested in artisanal brews from the brand’s partner, Chromatic Coffee, you’ll even be able to introduce your very own beans (or teas) via empty iterations of Osma’s biodegradable pods, allowing them to be reused in a more conscious manner. Head to the company’s website to pick up one of your own for $185.

Purchase: $185