Oshkosh Defense S-ATV

It’s not enough to only have big heavy weaponry anymore. Oshkosh Defense, the nearly 100 year old defense vehicle company, is well aware of this fact – which is why they’ve been engineering tough, versatile, and modular all terrain vehicles like the S-ATV.

This 8,250 pound beast runs on a Duramax 6.6-liter V8 diesel engine that puts out 275 horses through an Allison automatic 6 speed transmission to all four R20 wheels, making it so the vehicle and it’s crew can get to where they’re going fast. Designed for special reconnaissance, target acquisition, and search and rescue, this military vehicle can fit five (four crew and one gunner) and can be air-dropped into whatever location it is most needed. The engine cooling is strong enough for operation in temperatures up to 130 degrees fahrenheit, and the intelligent independent suspension system maximizes mobility making it so this vehicle can fully operate in the most extreme of environments. All things said – we’re pretty glad these guys are on our side.

Oshkosh Defense S-ATV 0

Oshkosh Defense S-ATV 2