Bosch GLM 100 C Laser Measure

Whether you’re building a new patio or wondering whether your mother-in-law can fit through the front door post-Thanksgiving dinner, it’s always good to know the measurements around the home.

The Bosch GLM 100 C Lithium-Ion 330-Foot Laser Rangefinder with Bluetooth technology and app takes the measuring process to new sophisticated heights, transferring your measured values directly to a PC, tablet, or smartphone. The device’s precision measuring technology allows for measures up to 330 feet with up to 1/16-Inch accuracy, while the built-In tilt sensor displays 360-degree angle measurements in two axises, leading to more accurate measurements. The backlit display with its tilt-screen offers easy viewing in all directions, and the optional R 60 digital level attachment can turn the GLM 100 C into a 24-Inch digital level if need be. [Purchase]

Bosch GLM 100 C Laser Measure 2

Bosch GLM 100 C Laser Measure 3

Bosch GLM 100 C Laser Measure 4