Celebrate National Hotdog Day With Airbnb’s Rentable ‘Wienermobile’

Jul 24, 2019

Category: Living

While it might not be your lifelong dream to sleep in a gigantic hotdog for a weekend, the brilliant minds behind Oscar Mayer’s specially-crafted dinnertime staple have decided to team up with Airbnb for an extremely-limited vacation opportunity. To celebrate National Hot Dog Day, the two companies have come together to provide public access to Mayer’s renowned “Wienermobile,” which will be available for rent from August 1 to 3.

If you’ve ever wondered what it might be like to stay inside of the world’s largest vehicular hotdog, your once-distant dream is about to become a reality. Interested parties will be able to travel to the Oscar Mayer’s hometown of Chicago for an all-inclusive experience inside of the company’s 27-foot-long frank, which boasts a slew of essential items for the modern-day wiener lover. Everything from a fully-stocked mini-fridge, outfitted with the company’s iconic Chicago-style dogs, garnishes, and condiments, to a roller grill that’ll help you to cook them to kosher perfection, will be at your disposal. To round out your illustrious stay, a Wienermobile-inspired art piece by Chicago artist Laura Kiro will be available for your visual perusal. If you’re looking to book the Wienermobile for your own exclusive stay, head to Airbnb’s website on July 24 for more information.

Airbnb: $136+

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