This Is The Most Compact & Affordable Folding Kayak Ever

Oru Kayak has made quite a name for themselves, building some of the most portable and easy-to-store paddle-powered, hardshell watercraft on the market. But you don’t get to be the best by resting on your laurels, which is why they’re continuing to innovate. This time, it’s with their most compact and affordable option ever.

Oru Kayak’s The Inlet, when unfolded, measures up at 10 feet in length and features its own integrated seatback, floorboard, and footrest. But, in under 5 minutes, it can be disassembled and packed down to just 3 feet by 1.6 feet for simple storage and transport. And the whole thing weighs just 20 pounds. That means you can stash it in the back of your car, check it with your luggage before a flight, or hide it away in your garage between uses. The ultimate adventure watercraft for those with limited space or the intention of frequent travel, you can back this project on Kickstarter now starting at just $749.

Kickstarter: $749+