Oru Folding Origami Kayak

San Francisco based designer Anton Willis has introduced quite an incredible contraption in the Oru Origami Kayak allowing you to literally take your kayak with you anywhere you go.

When fully expanded, the Oru folding kayak is around 12 feet long, and weighs only 25 pounds making it extremely easy to maneuver to transport. When you’re all done with the kayak, simply follow the folding instructions, and 5 minutes later the Oru is essentially a messenger bag. The device is crafted from corrugated plastic, but features structural reinforcements to ensure that you will have no issues when you hit the water. Although it’s not 100 percent complete, Oru took a bit longer than previously expected to bring the product to marketplace, but you can finally own your folding briefcase kayak for $1,195. Seeing that each product is made to order, expect to wait anywhere from 3-5 weeks to get your hands on one. [Purchase]