Ortholite’s Aerogel-Infused Insoles Offer Unrivaled Warmth & All-Day Comfort

When you’re outfitting yourself with gear to use in extremely cold temperatures, every piece of clothing needs to be carefully considered — even down to the insoles of your shoes. Thankfully, Ortholite now has you covered in this area with their new O-Therm insoles, which use aerogel technology to offer unprecedented levels of thermal retention.

O-Therm is made up of an open-cell PU foam that’s been infused with a new proprietary aerogel, marking the first time such a combination has been created. Coming in at just three times the weight of air, O-Therm’s aerogel adds insulation without bulk. It works by trapping micro-pockets of air, and it doesn’t lose its effectiveness when compressed underfoot. O-Therm insoles have undergone third-party testing and were found to be 54% more effective as a breathable thermal barrier at -108°F than other thermal insoles. Ortholite claims O-Therm wearers will be able to stay comfortable for longer periods of time in extreme cold, and at just 2mm thick, there should be room for the insoles in almost any shoe. You can learn more about O-Therm technology at Ortholite’s website.

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