OROS Calls On NASA-Developed Insulation & Technology For Its 39A Flight Jacket

If you’ve been living under a rock for the last decade, or are just completely oblivious to currents affairs, you could be forgiven for thinking NASA is something of a streetwear brand, with the aerospace agency collaborating with countless clothing outfits in recent years. And while the vast majority of these garments simply bare National Aeronautics and Space Administration logos and branding, OROS has repeatedly called on various NASA-developed materials and technologies when creating its clothing collabs.

After introducing the civilian market to Aerogel insulation, OROS has now revealed its next joint endeavor with NASA with the 39A Flight Jacket. Named after NASA’s 39A launchpad at the Kennedy Space Center on Merritt Island in Florida, the jacket packs “modular insulation” directly inspired by NASA’s spacesuits. Offered in men’s and women’s versions, the garment’s a technical and futuristic take on the traditional flight jacket and is decorated with prominent NASA branding. Though pricing has yet to be announced, OROS has stated the 39A Flight Jacket will be limited to 400 units in total and is scheduled for a release on October 1, 2020. Furthermore, each jacket comes with a certificate of authenticity and is autographed by a “Hall of Fame NASA Astronaut.”

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