Oris Big Crown Propilot Worldtimer GMT Watch

GMT watches are an excellent way to keep track of time in dual timezones, but they’re sort of a pain to readjust if you don’t stay within just those two timezones. Frequent travelers who visit different parts of the world might benefit from something a little… simpler, like the new Oris Big Crown Propilot Worldtimer watch.

Not fitting into the traditional GMT format, this offering has a bit of a different setup with a smaller secondary timezone dial that can be controlled via the oversized crown. But this one has another handy little function: the bezel actually moves the hour hand. That means, if you travel into a new timezone, all you have to do is twist the bezel and adjust the hours accordingly – which is far simpler than fiddling with the controls via the crown. It also measures up at 44.7 mm, features a stainless steel case, and comes with a handsome textile strap. The watch is priced at $3,524.

Purchase: $3,524